Mt Perry Visit

I really enjoyed a two-day visit to Mt. Perry region last week.  Adrienne was a fantastic host…she included her beautiful friend Lynda from Tasmania in the mix, dragged us out to become a lost patrol in the mountains in mega-heat just before my welcome party at BRAG, and even arranged a power outage to make dinner interesting.  Don’t know how she and Murray do it all – I was exhausted – no lazy country life for them.  Some of my pix from our adventures are attached below.





After wandering around for several hours in impassible terrain trying to make sense of the GPS, Adrienne realized she had brought a compass after all.  That led us in a big circle back to our destination, within only 170 yards of one of our first checkpoints.  I loved the workout regardless and there were some beautiful cycad groves along the way.


One thought on “Mt Perry Visit

  1. Clicking on the top grass tree image is a must! That was such an amazing cluster of them hey?

    And no that final shot is not a mock up, we really were on a steep hillside, off track, clinging to cycad leaves for survival.

    And we were all exhausted :-]

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