Art Demo at ChArtS

It was great to see Chris today.  Too bad it was in midst of chaos of trying to get out to lunch with Charlie from ChArtS, IT repairs, windstorm on the veranda, etc.  But any time with my WBHD mates has been quality time.

I conducted my scheduled demo and enjoyed it so much I plan to come back and do it again every Thursday (now that Adrienne has loaned me some flash wheels).  It took a while to set up the first time as I had to cut a bunch of foam core to put backings on the artwork displays and especially to try to figure out some level of wind proofing (not wholly successful).  There was a steady stream of visitors throughout the day, with a mix of local artists and tourists & backpackers wandering up from the street to see the exhibit and the memorial.  Most important, I finally got a chance to paint for the first time since started the residency.  Thanks to all the folks who gave me feedback on my photos to narrow my subject selection.  I started on a large one of that first sunrise on rocks from Gosford, but will move around to a range of subjects in coming weeks so have a few in progress at any given time.  I’m not crazy about how my favorite Arches paper doesn’t come in the original French glued blocks.  The Aussie variant has been sized for this market and isn’t fixed in the block, so more warping than I like.  But that’s why they invented irons and steam.

Since Adrienne wasn’t able to finish me off on her hike, I’m going to cycle all the way to the coast at Bargara with local artist, Dave Machen.  I’ve heard the screaming of ute tires at that time of day, so it should be a good game of chicken with the tradesmen rushing to work.  I’ve had my first magpie attack while cycling the other day, so mere hurtling hungover humans don’t faze me.




3 thoughts on “Art Demo at ChArtS

  1. Hey, Dave D….Just listened to your interview. My, my, you sure made it easy for the interviewer. He never got a chance, haha. GOOD going. You did yourself and BRAG proud, says I.

  2. The demo space looks great Dave, well done. Glad you had a nice flow of visitors too.

  3. The magic of editing, Nolan. The interviewer just cut out all the gaps and his questions. I actually breathed occasionally.

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