I took a quick trip to Childers today to replace one of my prints that has a mark on it. I was welcomed there by Dave, who was giving painting demonstrations.

The gallery looked great with all our works very nicely displayed. The gallery windows filter the incoming light beautifully, and this provides a wonderful ambience. It was a treat to see everyone’s artworks in the flesh. Each work powerful in its own unique way.

Mmmmm…some delicious blue bowls there too…who are they for Trevor?? I know Adrienne has plans for one of them! Dave commented to me that Adrienne is such a shy and retiring person and of course I knew he was being cheeky….and he had the biggest smile on his face!!

He really enjoyed his time at Mt Perry with the effervescent and interesting Adrienne and her family.

Several phone calls to Susan offered no response, so I jumped in the car and headed home. I had hoped to do lunch and catch up with her, but will do that soon.

Till soon. cx

5 thoughts on “Charts

  1. Oh so lovely to hear your words about the show and the gallery Chris. I just can’t wait to see it all.

    It’s hard not to be buoyed by Dave’s company, as I’m pretty sure I didn’t have any effervescent reserves left to tap into. I think we all needed a good lie down after the Perry blitz. He was still smiling after we dragged his ex-marine carcass around the 36˚ bush for 5 hours… though that may have been delirium (certainly was in my case).

    Hopefully these descriptions of me aren’t scaring our NM counterparts!!

  2. Received some glowing comments from a Hervey Bay artist who visited the exhibition at ChArtS today – complements to everyone on a job well done.

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