Today is plate making day

081_AW_13I’ve been working towards a much desired block of collagraph printing next week and the week after following a long break from it (thank goodness I started keeping notes).

I’ve been thinking about it in amongst the recent painting and thought it would be interesting to create some shaped plates, and then leave a lot of white paper that will represent the ‘white zone’ areas on the property maps I’ve been painting about. Within this white paper I’m planning some blind embossing of shapes as ghosts of bottle trees past. (This really does sound like I know what I’m doing hey?)

I use the press at BRAG and have it booked for 3 days next week and the week after. I’m so looking forward to it. I stay in Bundaberg to avoid the 200km round trip each day and I will be ‘big city living’ – dinner, cafes, movies. I know, I need to get out more.


3 thoughts on “Today is plate making day

  1. ah, WinklerCakes, when he makes 2D art, makes collagraphs. I’m trying to get him to make some new ones soon. On his first attempt, he sold two images that then got printed via giclee (big difference) for a Panamanian la de da hotel. Fun. What materials do you use, A, to make your image? He uses white glue! haha.

  2. Oh I hope there’s a Winkler collagraph to spy when I visit…
    I use thick gesso paste and white glue he does – Aquadere it’s called here. It gives a really shiny smooth, repelling surface so I use that sparingly. But the thick gesso I can draw into which I like.

    Yes Carey, we ‘heart’ BRAG.

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