I have been asked (by Ouida, Dave) to speak to her drawing class at the community college In Las Cruces. So, I have pulled out older, more formal drawings to show and did a few new ones, too. I’m sharing these new ones…just a few of them…the best to my thinking. All are small. The ones on dark grounds are wax crayon on monotyped grounds. The other 3 are happy, fast drawings of Home Base, our home and compound.ImageImageImageImageImageImage


5 thoughts on “Drawings

  1. Yikes, sorry they are kind of out of order, but…dark one on the top; OUT OF THE DARKNESS. Brown one next to it: I’M NOT LEAVING. Next two black ink ones: OUR HOUSE IS A VERY FINE HOUSE. and ENTER. Next one on black: WHEN YOUR HEART IS STRONG. Last: COMPOUND.

  2. Beautiful. Can I sit in on the back of that class and listen!!

  3. These are beautiful works Nolan…but oh, to see them in the flesh! There is such quality and depth in your works at Charts. Small but very powerful works. And the text lures me in. I am captured!!! cx

  4. Christine, you are so kind. Thanks so much. It makes me feel good. Know they are quite small, but at least diptychs, ha. Was helping Unsettled with shipping costs….plus, in case I ship them back to me….

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