Another good shellacking


Essential tools of the trade: scalpal, cutting mat, safety glasses (because without them I could cut my whole arm off), chips to make the hands greasy, and Aperol Spritz to calm the nerves about the greasy hands.


Sometimes ideas can be more ambitious than one first imagines.

All the shapes along the top of the photo are for blind embossing out of white paper, and amongst those the two separate trees will be colour. On the right is a separate print plate.

084_AW_13Not sure how these experiments will print but that’s a familiar feeling.

Final layer of shellac on and amused to notice the name on my shellac jar. Now to just pack the car for my 3 days in Bundy this week. Hope you all have some fun planned.


2 thoughts on “Another good shellacking

  1. Never heard of collographs before WBHD. Nor Aperol Spritz. I want to find some Aperol to see the light shining through. Looking forward to the finished print(s).

  2. Actually Adrienne…after reading CC’s reply about not ever having heard about collagraphs, I remembered that I had made one only at one of Catherine McCue’s workshops. I will try to find the plate, and if I can I will try to book in to print one each for the WBHD gang…(they won’t be very valuable. Haha!) cx

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