Access studio

I dropped in to the Access studio at Brag today as I knew Adrienne was working there on her prints. I had to reschedule a meeting and thought it best to catch her in person. She was busy with some small collagraphs which would ultimately have some un-inked embossed areas. When she emailed through the results of her endeavours later in the afternoon, I was so impressed by what she had achieved. She will post some photos soon, no doubt. Striking images!

Dave came out of his lovely apartment to have a cup of tea and a slice of banana cake with Adrienne and I. After we sorted out all our meeting issues, he showed me some of the works he had done in the past , and some recent works. His compositions are so strong and I don’t think I have ever seen such sumptuous layering done in watercolour. His surfaces become very rich and beautiful.

Coming to the Access studio always takes me back 15 years or so, when I was creating my big pegboard Boardgames there. It was and still is a productive space.

Tomorrow night Dave and Adrienne will come to my gallery, Dirty Linen to see Bridge’s ‘Behind the Mask’ exhibition that is installed there, to celebrate Mental Health week. More on that tomorrow. cx

Boardgame Still Life


2 thoughts on “Access studio

  1. Can’t wait to get onto a screen larger than my phone to see this image Chris. You are a wonder 🙂

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