Attempting to blog from my phone as practice for being in Las cruces in 2 weeks! Will see how this goes…

This afternoon another experiment took place on the press at BRAG. It was such joy to have a test work so well, blind emboss and bottle trees, continuing my thoughts on white zoned land use, ghosts of bottle trees past, and cake.

Ro, Trudie, Jenny – banana cake awaits you in the studio tomorrow, doesn’t it Dave. Dave? Hmmm, should I have left the cake there?


4 thoughts on “Experiments

  1. There was a huge amount of Banana cake there when I left!!!! Dave….why do you have that big smile on your face??? c

  2. A: I’m gonna show Winkler these pix in hopes of inspiring him to get back to a collagraph or 5. He has to finish a piece/sculpture someone actually is waiting to purchase first, and that will take a WHILE, but, this experiment looks too fun.

  3. coming! as soon as I get through these hundreds of emails, oh stuff it banana cake here I come!

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