Adrienne at Work

Adrienne has been working up a storm at BRAG (when not eating, getting coffee, having tea, getting a massage, and flapping her yob with me.)  So beautiful, elegant embossed prints have resulted.  Here are some more pix of the process.

1-Adrienne print-shoots inks-f

2-Adrienne print-laying out black bottle-f

4-Adrienne prints-hold paper over press-f

5-Adrienne print-placing paper wide-f

6-Adrienne prints-roll press-f

8-Adrienne print-peeking wide version-f

9-Adrienne print-peeling off wide version-f

10-Adrienne print-touching up debris-f

11-Adrienne prints-first prints on table-f  As you can see, it’s serious business.

12-Adrienne prints-embossed in sunlight-f

3 thoughts on “Adrienne at Work

  1. Love seeing this. Brings back memories of working/teaching in Santa Fe. It is intense once that plate… is on the press especially. These look great, Adrienne. Being collagraphs, you are working on damp paper, yes?

  2. Yes, Nolan is right ….these are great Adrienne! Little beauties!! It is really good to see pics of the process too. Thanks.

  3. Yes Nolan, damp paper. And Dave did catch some good shots in the rare moments I was working!
    On to a more conventional plate this morning and the tricky viscosity printing method, Daves out bike riding with art friend so he won’t hear the tantrums 🙂

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