Christine’s other side

I was quite amazed to see Christine’s other passion this evening….no I’m talking about her collection of tins of all kinds.  Very impressive! 



Adrienne and I attended an opening of a new exhibition at Chris’ Dirty Linen Gallery and had a most enjoyable time.  I finally got to meet Sue Hutton who was in attendance, but unable to stay long due to folks arriving at the airport.  But we got to enjoy drinks and lots of laughs and good times with Chris and another artist friend, an American pencil specialist named JP, and her partner Johno.  Also a peek at part of Chris’ home, with a lovely artistic NY bohemian feel.  I’m not getting a whole lot of production of art but making a ton of great collaborative connections in Bundy.  More and more people seem to express interest in making the journey to our opening Saturday AM.


4 thoughts on “Christine’s other side

  1. ah, Christine, I KNEW you were one of the eccentrics! That’s a compliment, you know. These are great. And great dust catchers? haha. These so go with the Bride Series you’ve been making. Fantastic!

  2. It was a really fun night thanks Dave and Adrienne, PJ and Jono. I haven’t laughed so much in a while. Actually, I found a couple of the biscuit tin installation pics, so I will post them later. Looking forward to the opening!! cx

  3. Oh, thank you Nolan. That’s just a small part of my collection. Dust catchers they certainly are and space-hoggers too!! I will have to move out of home soon!… Wish you were here!!

  4. What a nice time, and thanks for posting the 5x5m tin installation pics Chris. So wonderful.

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