Wide Bay – High Desert opening

Wide Bay - High Desert opening

So glad the illusive Sue Hutton made it to the opening. Sue’s artworks (pictured) received lots of wonderful comments from visitors.


5 thoughts on “Wide Bay – High Desert opening

  1. It was a revelation to hold and see Sue’s books. They require quiet attention and “feel” that doesn’t really translate on a computer monitor well. CC

  2. What Carey said is a ditto….now I REALLY want Dave to take close pix (but not details…want the entire paintings) of her work shown in this pix. The catalogue has a pretty dark version of it and I love these and want to SEE them clearly, please.
    Was so fun ‘seeing’ you all in somewhat of a blur last eve, and so sorry your sound was breaking up the entire time, but we got the gist of you all and dang! wish I’d been down there with you. Wish we’d all really been together.
    Question was asked if we will continue this blog after the show….I’m hoping we will.

  3. Amen on continuing the blog! I’ll get your images for you on Thursday, Nolan, or maybe even on Tuesday since talking at high school at Childers on that day as well. It was fantastic crowd at Childers and tons of positive feedback. Both Adrienne and I admitted that we got a bit choked up at times with the emotion of seeing and hearing you all again, however, blurred and garbled. Or maybe it was when the champagne ran out?

  4. Susan’s works are just so sublime, and now I look forward to seeing the books she’s sent to NM.

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