Before and After the Opening

Thanks to the BRAG gang for all the prep work and good food and grog during the opening.  Trudie tried her best to distract me from my speech notes with her Marilyn imitation in the swirling winds, but dress stayed down for this photo.  We had a weary celebration meal afterwards across street from the gallery, obviously letting hair down for some serious milkshake slurping.



I’m ready for some decompression time myself before next round of activities (school art class talks) begins on Tuesday.  Off to the beach at Elliott Heads followed by marathon movie watching at the Film Festival into the evening.  Good luck to you all in NM for rest of the exhibition at Unsettled.  Adrienne can’t wait for all the fun and games there.



4 thoughts on “Before and After the Opening

  1. aw, you guys are having way too much fun. And the beach…..sigh. Adrienne….of all the pieces that came to Unsettled, I was so glad your teeny painting of the trees sold. My favorite in the entire show here (well, I love mine, too, haha). The entire show looked good. Everyone’s work is so different, it was great. And Catherine is a master show putter-upper. Did a grand job of hanging very diverse works.

  2. Oh that’s so lovely Nolan, thank you. Very fun to know it has sold, and very lovely it’ll be in someone’s home in NM. I’m so glad the Childers show is on for a while as I need to go back for a quiet moment and have a good look around.

  3. Note to self: don’t pull faces when Dave has the camera out. what a shocker!

  4. I had both eyes on A’s small painting. Decided that the “right thing” was to give others a chance. Trevor sent five bowls, so no such compunction there. H and I have a Trevor bowl coming our way.
    Well. . . a friend purchased A’s smaller bottle trees, so best case. She is also purchasing a Nolan – better yet.

    If any locals are reading here, Catherine offers a VERY reasonable payment plan. Buy Australian. CC

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