I wonder if we could try skyping again at a quieter time when we may be able to hear from each artist about their work? A floor talk while the exhibition is still on…….or have we had enough? cx


7 thoughts on “Skyping

  1. I think that’s a wonderful idea Chris.
    Gotta say, I loved seeing the people we’ve been blogging and emailing with ‘come to life’, even in their fuzzy, pixelated forms. Voices, smiles, joy, it was pretty special.
    I feel quite pixelated today, even after 10 hours sleep.

  2. Hi Christine – great question. I’m not a techie, so can’t say if we can hope for better reception. Frustrating. Band width?. . . . .

    Just after Adrienne’s talk at Unsettled? Nolan will be here. Too much? I’m game. CC

  3. And blogging, we’ll have to talk with Jenny and Trudie about the site admin, the size capacity, etc, but I’d love to keep blogging with you all. It’s been such a highlight, and so constructive to talk openly with you all. I’ve learned so many things, been inspired to think differently at times. What a gift it’s been.

  4. Dunno about SKYPing ’cause if it’s no better reception in NM than we got last night, it’s hardly worth all the efforts. Sorry, it was fun to SEE you but the audio reception was awful. Not a techie so don’t know why. But, I’m hoping this blog can continue

  5. I think I told Peg to pick carefully and write it down somewhere. But perhaps this is the blog god’s revenge for her delay? Seriously, I hope she can figure it out.

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