Can anyone help with paper creasing?

So, Roana is out of the office escorting Dave to his school gig and I took the opportunity to pop under her desk for a small cry after a paper wasting day. In true collegial style, Trudie and Jenny leapt to my distress with cactus to hug – fortunately prickle-free.

I’ve loosened the press, tightened it, loosened it more, then more, changed presses, taken out my border emboss plate and all to no avail. Getting a consistent creased area on the mid to lower RHS side of every print. Anyone got any thoughts on a fix, I’m now at my knowledge limit.

And really looking forward to my time with Ouida In LC where I’m sure there will be no need for cactus hugs.





4 thoughts on “Can anyone help with paper creasing?

  1. i like this, espesh the works, but I don’t like you are having so many problems xxx

  2. Hello bright sunshiny day! Thanks to an amazing local printmaker, Catherine McCue, for coaching me through steps on the interweb last night.
    She suggested rotating the plate so the sky area rolled through parallel to the press, and it’s printed perfectly without creases twice this morning. She saved me from total madness 🙂

  3. Whew. I know when I printed out my drawing backdrops, a few of them had creases in one corner and I ended up having to rip them down then mount them on new paper…which looks
    good due to the ragged edges of the printed pieces. But I found one of the sides of my press had been way tighter/more pressure than the other side….I had misread the pressures. Sigh. Too late to do much about it but worked out in the end. So glad you got help. Stay away from under desks.

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