A wrinkle free day



5 thoughts on “A wrinkle free day

  1. Catherine suggested I rotate my plate 90* and it completely eliminated the crease! I printed 12 variations today in perfect creaselessness 🙂

    I realised I’d printed three last week when the sky area was parallel with the press’s roller, then turned it 90* so I could play with composition and started having trouble. Never made the link to the orientation… Learned more. As per usual

  2. Hey, Adrienne: If you have a good pix of the little piece of yours that sold at the Unsettled Gallery, you should post it. My favorite of the show, I must say. And the woman who bought it also bought my old 26 Poppies piece. Would love to see a pix of your little jewel.

  3. Just posting now Nolan, thanks for making my day :-]
    And yes Chris, Catherine is truly wonderful.

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