Childers Tour-public art

Here’s the last of my tour photos of the lovely town of Childers.  They have a nice collection of public art for such a small locale.  Partly that is thanks to well-known Bundy artist, Dave Machen, who oversaw some of the installations.  Enjoy!

Childers-federal hotel artwork-f


Sculpture by Dave Machen, at bottom end of series of sidewalk mosaics along the entire strip of shops.

Childers-chile mosaic-f

Chile peppers, no less!  How appropriate!

Childers-main mosaic-f

Childers-cane machete sidewalk mosaic-f


The sugar cane industry figures prominently in the region, commemorated with cane cutter sculpts in the small park across from our gallery, in addition to cane machete mosaic above.

Childers-cane cutter sculpt-f


This region is “celebrating” its 150th anniversary of the enslavement of Pacific Islander cane workers, known as Kanakas.  Finally addressing a grim chapter in Australian history.  One of the park sculpts is of a Kanaka family.

Childers-Kanaka sculpt-f


Childers-bronze relief old house-f


Childers-menagerie close-f


This sculptor in a highly-visible spot on the main highway into town obviously gets a lot of second looks for his animal art.  All in all, an interesting town and a fitting locale for our exhibition.


2 thoughts on “Childers Tour-public art

  1. The mosaics underneath Dave Machen’s sculpture are by our very own Sue Hutton.

  2. The animal ‘sculptures’ are imported by the proprietor of that business for sale – ie. not his own work.

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