Red or Green


Days 1 and 2 in Las Cruces have been pretty joyful – meeting the artists and Unsettled Gallery’s Catherine and Don, discovering Dave’s beautiful digs (really Dave, did we make you sleep on the floor in MtP) – both major highlights. Plenty of handy tips about red or green chilli sauces, coping with the incredibly low humidity level (yes yes it’s a desert, I sort of remember that now!) the fun of discovering things you don’t see in your own supermarket, and seeing beautiful art pieces so strongly influenced by the landscape and the cultures.

Unsettled Gallery is a beautiful space, Carey’s photos give a very faithful impression.

Today I got down to Mesilla, c1840’s town 3 mile from LC. I drove. In Dave’s car. And it was pretty easy but must admit each time I turned a corner I would repeat the new mantra ‘stay on the right, stay on the right’.




The mix of antique wood and adobe rendering is enchanting.


And late this afternoon Catherine took me to meet local artist Jean Reece Wilkey and see her stunning paintings and studio.

Embarrassing moments include being late for this appointment by getting geographically embarrassed in the car, as well as needing Catherine and Peg’s help to get the key out of the ignition – though this did lead to having a good lie down in Peg’s yoga class afterwards.

Generosity abounds here. I feel very lucky.

Best line of the day: chilli sauce vendor says ‘hi’ in Messilla, I say ‘hi how are you’, he says I’m firing people up!. Chuckle.



5 thoughts on “Red or Green

  1. Jealous! Love those places and faces 🙂
    It will be sad to see Dave leave here soon too – time has flown so fast.

  2. wow, Dave’s leaving SOON? He seems like a fixture down there from up here. Though I recall from there he goes east up here so I don’t think we’ll be seeing him for awhile.
    Adrienne….fun to see your pictures and hear of your adventures. More, more, more. Keep ’em coming.

  3. Adrienne thanks so much for your words and pics so great to see you’re having a wonderful time x

  4. It was such fun having you visit Adrienne. I’m so glad we had that time together before I had to leave on my trip. Thanks for including me in your blog and I hope we get more time together at some point. Hmmmm, no mention of a fly here.

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