Meeting places

Yesterday Catherine and Don at Unsettled Gallery hosted my artists talk and a great group of local artists and art supporters came. And of course I got to meet the 4th of the NM group, Nolan, and Winkler. What a great event it was. Carey has all the shots so he and Nolan can post their thoughts on it all.

But the discussions and questions about artists working in Australia were thoughtful and thought provoking. And we all cheered our Wide Bay-er, Christine, who won an award and residency at the Edge in Brisbane.

After the gallery event the High Desert mob went all out and threw a late afternoon party amongst the cool, shady gardens and terra cotta coloured adobe walls of Cassitas with people from near and far. After sunset, and the party thinned we pulled up comfy chairs around the fire and talked a while. It was a pretty special night… and after 9 hours of these 2 events we finally limped home to bed. These New Mexicans know how to play.


Earlier that morning I took my first look at the local landscape from a very special perspective.


Up high to start, then cruising low over pecan farms to the dry bed of the Rio Grand, in crisp clear air and gentle winds that had us silently sneaking over the waking Las Cruces. Oh, except when the burner roared and set off every dog within a 200m radius.


Today was another meeting moment when I was taken to White Sands by my closest friends brother – who I’d never met and has lived in El Paso for 20 years. He and his wife and young family picked me up and we headed out to this 275 square mile Park of startlingly white gypsum sand. Thank goodness for the kids who know how to play and loaned me their disk for a giggling, fear-screaming ride.

More on this tomorrow, as I have an early alarm and am heading back with the sketch pad and gouaches (Deborah, if you just happen to be passing…).


The day ended with another stroll around Mesilla to stumble across the Mariachi in the square. It is fun and funny, a truly living culture. Young and old singing along and when those trumpets kick in the crowd goes wild and the heart rates soar.




And back in Dave’s garden the hearts are thumping too…


One thought on “Meeting places

  1. Thankyou Adrienne for your wonderful words….you take us on the journey with you.

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