Can’t Believe It’s Over

Well sports fans, I’ve left Bundy and am back in Brisbane packing for departure for camping on Moreton Island tomorrow.  The five weeks of my Artist-in-Residence at BRAG went by quickly, with a full schedule right up to the last hours, when I had Sabrina Lauriston, local photographer, stop by the apartment for a photo shoot.  From the starting stay with Jenny, chili roasting for “A Taste of Bundaberg”, visits with Adrienne in Mt. Perry and the BRAG studio printing press fiascos, welcoming party (and many more socials), installation at ChArtS with Trudie and the team, weekly demos at ChArtS, the opening reception, school talks, my workshop, visits to the artists’ studios, and so much more, it has been a non-stop experience.  I know my paintings have loving homes and I’ve filled my luggage with plenty of local artists’ work myself.  I am so glad that little painting of Jenny’s has come full circle and led to such an enriching time in Queensland and with all of you.  The blog shall continue unabated, I’m sure.  I leave you with some final images of a parting BRAG fire drill and local vagabond travelers, of which I am once again one myself, herewith.  Adios muchachos….I’ll check in once back from basking in sun, sand, and sea.







3 thoughts on “Can’t Believe It’s Over

  1. Well done Dave. You made such a great contribution to the promotion of the project and the Childers opening. Time for a good lie down, please have a float in Blue Lagoon for me.

  2. Nolan … umm … what can I say … it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! O.o

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