Day 1 of tutoring – Hectographs

I spent 7 hours today being tutored in Hectographs (gelatin monoprints) by Ouida Touchon here in Las Cruces.

I arrived after visiting a Super Walmart – Don had suggested I should do this with somewhat of a chuckle – and it was a bit like being hit with a stun gun. Despite this I had a big learning day.

Ouida had already made the ‘plates’ – literally a set layer of gelatin in a baking pan that you ink up and hand rub your paper onto. So, water based inks only and no press required. Hello!


Ouida is a patient and generous teacher and we methodically worked through all sorts of methods of inking and layering and using beautiful Japanese papers. It’s very versatile as long as you don’t use sharp tools or sharply textured objects that will pierce the gelatin surface.





We even used fresh soft leaves from the Coolibah in Oiuda’s front yard, and her studio assistants Lily and Luca waited patiently for play.



The end of the day saw us making backgrounds for overprinting when I return on Thursday – my last day in LC.



3 thoughts on “Day 1 of tutoring – Hectographs

  1. This is such a co-incidence Adrienne…when I was at ArtPlus the other day, Marlies said I must look at a new book she just got in…. Its called ‘Digital Art Studio’ and has techniques for combining it with traditional art materials. The reason I bought it straight away was because of the gelatin ‘frescos’ in the book. could be very interesting! cx

  2. Oh I look forward to seeing those Chris… Not sure about some of my backgrounds so far but I know that’s to do with ‘operator error’ rather than the process 🙂

    Learning is always hard work.

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