J. Paul Taylor’s house

Yesterday afternoon Catherine arranged to take me to visit a house in Mesilla well known here and cross the country. We toured the house and it’s art and antiquities collection with the 93 year young owner, J. Paul Taylor. The collection numbers at over 500 pieces and he can tell you the name and artist and story of every piece.


Our guide spent 4 generous hours with us and I think he had the energy of Catherine and I combined. We loved his stories and knowledge, it is a collection of exquisite taste with a touch of mirth thrown in. Paul’s family dates back to the early settlers of the region, and his gifting of the house and collection is an incredible gesture.


Paul loves every piece in his collection, and has a great range of NM contemporary artists too. This piece is Saint Santiago de Campestello and in the video on this link he tells a lovely story about its acquisition.


I have never seen anything like this beautiful adobe home and as we laughed and sighed and fell silent at times I felt pretty privileged to have Paul as our guide.

Catherine and I left in quite a dreamlike state.


4 thoughts on “J. Paul Taylor’s house

  1. If I recall, over 5000 objects are inventoried for the turnover to the State Monument foundation. You are a lucky girl to get that tour! And just to get to know Paul.

  2. Yes you’re right Dave – in the magazine you left for me it refers to ‘over 4000 treasures’ but Paul mentioned 500 – he may have been referring to a specific kind if piece at the time. He did mention he had over 100 pieces he pulls out at Christmas 🙂 Unbelievable. He was wonderful with tips for my travels up north too. A living National Treasure.

  3. One of those 4K plus object now numbers one of Trevor’s bowls.
    John Paul Taylor is a Treasure.

  4. Thanks for sharing these photos Adrienne. I’d forgoten how stunning those roof beams with ‘stick’ thatch look. Beautiful place/space filled with wonderful objects – heaven … ?

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