Talks to the schools

I guess I am way behind, so let me start with the talks I gave on 15-16 October to the art classes at Isis State High School ( a public school) and St. Luke’s Anglican High School (private).  Roana accompanied me, and credits to her for the photos (her alignment on the cartoon balloon was especially entertaining).  I spoke to three different classes altogether, with some kids called in from other classes by the art teacher.  They all seemed quite motivated to see my crazy, self-taught path to “success”, so I guess I gave them some hope.  I also got to see some of their works in the exhibition just being installed at BRAG as I was leaving.  I wish I had a little more time to do some more extended demo’s but it was only an hour in each class, thanks to the rather excessive pedophile restrictions (how they found out about me, I’ll never know 🙂  As it was, we had to be careful not to show the kid’s faces in the pictures.  Sample pix below, with more in my Facebook albums.





The following are from St. Lukes, which had a more robust program.







Notice my “War Paint” T-shirt, by Las Cruces artist, SABA?



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