happy artist

Received an email from Catherine yesterday telling me that someone had purchased THREE of my teeniest of paintings. Sweet. I have no idea which ones yet, so thought I’d share the lot of them with you. I had taken a sumi e painting (inks on Japanese rice papers) one day workshop. Did a number of lovely LARGE pieces. A year later, when I knew I would not be showing them as I am not a sumi e painter and they were too out of context…I cut them up, mounted them on 6″x 6″ panels and worked some colors into most of them. So much better and they suited my work at the time, which mainly consisted of circles and dots, so much more abstract than I am now working. I had 36 of them lined up in two tiers at my solo exhibition that year. A few sold, I kept one for meself, WinklerCakes kept one for himself. I loved doing these, I loved titling these and I’m happy someone bought 3, hopefully to hang  together. Thanks Unsettled Gallery’s Catherine and Don.ImageImageImage


6 thoughts on “happy artist

  1. Woohoo! They are beautiful Nolan and I loved seeing them up close yesterday. They look very good with shiny boots next to them 😀

    It was a BIG happy day at Unsettled Gallery as Catherine sold a piece of mine and Carey’s. See you soon for a Hillsboro Happy Jig.

  2. Thanks, Christine. And Adrienne….fantastic. Does that mean she sold your BIGger painting, too? O boy. And bravo for Carey, too. Fun for all.

  3. Beautiful work Nolan. Wish I could see them ‘in the flesh’ – but at least I can still go admire your NM pair at ChArtS for awhile longer. Great news about the sales too.

  4. Hey, Jenny…I’m wondering, if mine do not sell down there…I’m thinking I WOULD like to have you return them for my 2014 solo out here. Will need some less pricey work to show in that. I have, in the past, sent an etching to Sydney, simply encased b/w three larger pieces of foamcore (doesn’t need to be acid free for this). With about 3″ all round. think BRAG (you?) might be able to do this for me, then let me know how much it is and I can either send a check for it or use PayPal to get you payment. What do you think?

  5. I’ll discuss options with Trudie and let you know, but I’m sure we can work out something suitable Nolan.

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