Day 2 – woodcuts and overprinting Hectographs


Today Oiuda taught me how to do a woodcut print. I made many mistakes which was all learning – including taking too much wood away to start with.

But the focus was on new knowledge about inks and how to get some luminosity with them, plus hand rubbing a print, mounting a print onto heavier paper and printing colours on the woodcut using a jig for registering.

She was a wonderful teacher – I felt full but not overwhelmed. Which is how I’ve felt with the other 2 printmaking teachers I’ve worked with – I think their patience is a bit saintly ๐Ÿ™‚


Bottle trees in New Mexico – these are not genius prints but I learned so much. Above is printed over a Hectograph on Japanese Kity Kata paper. Below is on BKF Rives 250gsm. No press was needed, all hand rubbed.


Then it was time to farewell Catherine and Don from Unsettled Gallery and one of our great WBHD artists, Peggy. No better way than margaritas at the Double Eagle in Mesilla. I know I’ll be back but I felt very sad to drive away ๐Ÿ™‚

Peg took time out from her trick or treating to join us… I don’t think she usually comes out in green face makeup?



2 thoughts on “Day 2 – woodcuts and overprinting Hectographs

  1. Saw A’s work before luncheon yesterday. Fabulous. Her woodcut will serve her WELL! Great time at lunch yesterday….my bad….didn’t fill my rice cooker properly yesterday so had to keep adding liquid….ate at 2pm! Then we were to hit a fundraising dinner in town to help with a neighbor’s hospital bills at 5. hahaha. We’d just had dessert at 4:30. So, Adrienne and I zoomed up to the community center and picked up dinners, brought them home and didn’t eat them. Dinner at the Winkler’s? A glass o’vino. sigh. Lovely day and hope she sleeps in…in our guest room for the night. Today? Santa Fe….going to try to dissuade her from taking time for TorC this trip. She must bring Murray back with her and just sightsee. NM is full of beautiful places to see.

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