Fred Williams found!

Found when I searched Google: Fred Williams artist images. WOW. Adrienne, I can see why you love his work so much. A slight influence shows. Nice influence. And I’m going to post one where you can see why I especially love it, haha.ImageLOVE this paint on the above one!!!!!!! So rich .. like heavy duty, dense frosting. mmmmmmmmmmmImageImage(that’s mine)

Imageabsolutely love this print!


Lovely pieces and such unusual ‘land and seascapes’….got to love them.

Read that L.A.Louvre in Los Angeles exhibits his work….one of the very best galleries in Los Angeles! My good pal, Gwynn Murrill shows there as well as another favorite of mine, Terry Allen. Bravo. And thanks for introducing me to this artist. Sorry he’s gone.


2 thoughts on “Fred Williams found!

  1. Hey well done Nolan, you’ve found some pieces I’ve never seen before – that 2nd painting looks Lin bottle trees eh? He may have been seeing the Boabs in WA. And yes the print. Mmmm. Can’t wait to see the prints next Sunday – if I recover from the visual spectacle of Canyon Road :-0

  2. A quintessential capturer of the Australian landscape 🙂

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