Introduction to Kimura

One of the great things about this exchange has been the exposure to new artists (outside our WBHD circle).

Nolan showed me this book of her favourite artist Chuta Kimura and I really wanted to share this.


The work is so rich and inspiring I hope you enjoy it too.



“Ay ay ay”. Look at the drawings…



And I found another blogger who discovered his work:

And for Nolan, my favourite landscaper is Fred Williams. Driving north from your place yesterday, the landscape reminds me so much of driving through the Pilbara in W. Australia, and Fred Williams did a masterly series on that region.

For the WB-ers, there is a Williams show of prints and gouaches just opening at QAG this weekend. Mmmmm mmm. It’s where I’ll be on my layover in Brisbane next Sunday.


6 thoughts on “Introduction to Kimura

  1. ah, Kimura. sigh. Still an influence. I’m going to go next to look up Williams. I tried so hard to find an inexpensive copy of the Kimura book for Adrienne. I paid somewhere around 25 clams to have it shipped to me from The Phillips Collection about 30 years ago. Now the cheapest one you can find is $125.!!!!! BUT, you can put his name in Google with ‘images’ after it and get all the beauty you could ever need.

  2. Thanks Adrienne and Nolan – love what I see! Do you know if any public collections have some of his work?

  3. Dear Adrienne,

    I discovered Kimura’s work one rainy day in the early 1980’s when roaming the streets of Paris and stumbling upon Galerie Yumiori.
    His paintings profoundly impressed me, and his authenticity inspired and influenced me from that day on to the present.
    I have never again seen anything like the unique landscapes this artist created, and his catalog is still one of my most prized possessions.

    Thank you for this blog!

    Stan Kuiperi

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