High Desert art, museums, and snow


I loved the palette in this piece in the Harwood Art Museum in Taos today, after putting on a not very brave face and waving goodbye to Carey and Heather.

Steady rain on our B&B’s roof last night turned to fluttering white snow at dawn. A real treat for the Wide Bay-er. Forecast tonight is clear and cold – down to -9C… Yes that’s minus 9.


Yesterday we visited the Taos Pueblo, an Indian community on the edge of Taos – over 1000 years of continued heritage here. A Unesco site of multi storied earthen homes in a very large village setting, and our guide told us that they would originally have only had access through the roof via ladders. When unfriendly visitors arrived, the ladders would be pulled up.

Stalls and shops still exist with artists selling wares such as delightful clay bears. The artist said to us “those bears are homeless” – who could resist that line? Well clearly not me.



This morning we visited The Fechin Institute which is a stunning residence and studio with beautiful woodwork and carving within it, and some paintings from the era.


Our Inn Keeper recommended the Hacienda Martinez so I meandered through the amazing complex with its two central courtyards and had it all to myself.



It was a very honest history of those times and amongst the displays were some beautiful art pieces behind glass protection such as the Santos sculptures and the Death Cart … a wooden female skeleton in a cart who would be wheeled and rattled through the town during Holy Week to remind the people of their mortality. Those Penitente Catholics were a hoot eh?



And in contrast, later at The Harwood Museum of Art a more modern interpretation in ‘Death Shrine 1‘, 1977, by artist Ken Price…


And the day finished in front of this piece Canyonlands from the ’60’s by Louis Ribak and I then sank into the comfort of a refreshing iced drink at the Adobe Bar.



3 thoughts on “High Desert art, museums, and snow

  1. Sigh … I can’t believe you took a photo of one of my favourite paintings – Winter Funeral by Victor Higgins. I was so excited the first time I saw it ‘in the flesh’ after looking at my reproduction for years 🙂 Wish I was there!

  2. I was taken with your pix of the painting, too. Beautiful. And perfect for the upcoming season, of which you got a bit of an entry to. Sounds like you had a lovely time in Taos. So happy for you. Saw Don and Catherine yesterday at the gallery and they are coming to lunch with Peg and Joel on Sunday. We’ll share our good fortunes of having spent time with you, ms. A. We already miss you.

  3. Same here Nolan, did Jenny, Trudie, and Catherine know they would be creating a ‘family’ with this project?

    And thanks Jenny – I hadn’t recorded that painting name. The contrasting sienna in the trees really got me.

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