Ghost Ranch drive


A cold crisp day. -10C in Taos overnight and this morning. Not much else to say as the scene says it all.


While taking photos in El Rito a couple of artists invited me in to see their new old adobe studios and house. HD-ers, El Rito could be the next spot for a makeover, apparently already 20 artists in the tiny hamlet.


There was one exciting moment when I nearly bogged the Ford Fusion. He he. All day clods of mud would fall off the front guard and I’d drive over them. Whoops.



8 thoughts on “Ghost Ranch drive

  1. ah, O’K country. Beautiful, eh? We once drove into the Ghost Ranch property, stopped at the office and asked if we could hike around. They said ‘no.’ So we drove a little further in, parked and hiked around. Such a beautiful spot.
    And El Rito IS special. When WinklerCakes and I were looking for property to buy we drove there because I remembered it was lovely (from my years in Santa Fe) and Winkler found a place he was so interested in….an old OLD adobe sans a roof. For that one, I had to say ‘no.’
    That ‘no’ worked, whew. He is not a snow lover anyway so it’s for the best we found little Hillsboro. El Rito, despite its downtrodden looks, is quite pricey.
    So glad you’re taking your time through that beautiful country. Back in SFe, are you? Or, Albakirky? (easy spelling of Albuquerque for you WB people)

  2. Must add, re: El Rito….when we looked at it, over 20 years ago, not many Anglos had yet moved in and the local residents were not pleased with the idea of their village’s places being purchased and the culture of the area changed a bit. We didn’t FEEL that, but have heard about it for years. Hope those feelings are all worked out now. I was told the same about Pecos, NM, when I moved to Glorieta (6miles away fr. Pecos). Other Anglos in Santa Fe told me that I would not be welcome if I went into Pecos. Actually it was ‘we’ as I was living with RW (the RW prior to WinklerCakes…they have SO much in common…including me, haha), another Anglo artist. Well, Pecos people were just fine, thank you very much. I think it is the attitude one brings to the situation for the most part. And IF the El Ritoans or Pecosans had been a bit rude, once can understand their wariness.
    We’ve been so fortunate not to have had to deal with any of those ‘bad’ attitudes in our time in this lovely state.

  3. So true Nolan, moving somewhere with an open mind and good intentions opens the doors to great experiences. An open heart helps too 🙂

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