My sculptor pal, Gwynn Murrill.

I have a video of my ex next door neighbor when I lived at Malibou Lakeside, Agoura, California (soCA). I left 30 years ago. Gwynn and I have been friends for so long! She has even used me as a model for 3 of her small, figure sculptures and was kind enough to let me have one for the foundry price, whew. She shows at Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe (contemporary section) and at L.A.Louver in Los Angeles (one of their most prestigious galleries). Enjoy this video. She’s a winner all ’round!


3 thoughts on “My sculptor pal, Gwynn Murrill.

  1. Dang, I have tried THREE times to put a title to this ‘aside’ but I can’t seem to get it published. Just watch the video. ha

  2. Heeee, I was to scared to go I to Gerald Peters Gallery … next time, with you by my side Nolan!

  3. fabulous gallery. Very contemporary section. Very not contemporary section. But, I still prefer Selby Fleetwood….much more accessible. I’ll guide ya through GP….next time.

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