I know…I’m living in the desert, but I spent so much of my life in the water. Off the soCalifornia coast, the Caribbean, as a lifeguard, in pools everywhere….. And I’m a Scorpio and a water person. It’s in my DNA. New painting. 24″x 24″ acrylic on panel.
Looking forward to hosting Catherine, Donald, Peg and Joel on Sunday for lunch. Will be swell to visit with them.


4 thoughts on “COME AWAY TO THE WATER

  1. Heather is a Scorpion. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Happy Birthday soon?

  2. When you’re lunching on Sunday I’ll just be waking in Mt Perry on our Monday morning, listening to Sunday let us know it’s time to walk and hearing familiar bird song. We shall raise our breakfast tea cups in the direction of North 🙂

  3. Good, A….and you can BET we’ll be discussing you….all very good, of course. Dang, I can’t even begin to consider a discouraging word about you. So unlike me. =]
    Yes, Carey, Jaysus, Mary & Joseph it once was, ha. Sooner than you can imagine.

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