Just because you’re a famous movie star…

I’ll get back to that line later which came from the hilarious fella manning the Santa Fe train station info desk yesterday.

Before that moment I spent the morning wandering Santa Fe – couldn’t face a museum but did make my way to the Lew Allen Gallery where Carey hoped I may find a couple of Sammy Peters works, and yes there were two there. What a treat, and the gallery was so friendly and generous, giving me a bio and illustrated list of works. He is 73 years young and the paintings are so rich and developed – I know you guys mentioned this about him and seeing is believing.


‘Difference: tangled reconciliation’ 2013


And the surfaces – it looks like he uses wax on some sections of the surface. Hmmm where do we learn how to use wax?


Mmmmmm. The detail…


Didn’t get the name of this one but told the gallery attendant I wanted to hug it – she laughed and agreed (and didn’t throw me out).


I’ve also seen this artist in a few spots – Forest Moses – he applies the paint in an interesting way, kinda busy but up close quite minimalist with gesso ground showing through. ‘Meadow with woods’ 1998:


My last stop was the Jane Sauer Gallery and I really enjoyed this artist Krista Harris. The gallery link to her work is worth a peek.


And it’s also worth clicking on this artist Giles Bettison from Adelaide in Orrrrstraylia! Again the gallery attendant talked me through his process with this incredible Murrini glass technique. It’s so intricate and apparently one of his geniuses is keeping the tiny mosaic glass forms quite straight and square as they want to bend out of shape in the very hot oven.

So then it was time to hop the train to Albuquerque with the assistance of Joe, the quietly spoken man in the info centre. When I asked if he sold the tickets he went into a long routine that started with “Mam, you can give me the money but I’m a government employee and they don’t really trust me with money, so I’ll take your money but I won’t give you a real ticket…”.

5 minutes later he eventually got around to saying that I could “buy the ticket on the train from the conductor with either cash, check, Visa or American Express. But mam, even though you’re a famous movie star, they will not accept Mastercard”. I think he has a hat full of routines depending on the question, the right man for the job.



14 thoughts on “Just because you’re a famous movie star…

  1. Lovely luscious paintwork. Lovin the colours too. My what big trains they have. NB You’re every bit as gorgeous as a movistar.

  2. Sammy’s wax, if he uses it…I’m pretty sure would be Dorland’s wax. It’s soft and makes a fabulous medium and dryer for oils. When I paint in oils, it is a constant. Also makes a fine overcoat for any painting to protect it from….? I get mine via http://www.danielsmith.com
    Winkler also uses it to coat/varnish his sculptures. I have another sculptor pal who uses it to ‘varnish’ her wood pieces. Great stuff.
    Hey, movie star….we do miss you already, ya know.
    And did you notice the prices on Forest’s paintings? ha. But, they do sell them for that. Geez. He is good, seems like quite the egotist (have only seen him, not really met him)…but can wield a brush full o’paint, that is for sure! His old iris monotypes are miraculous.
    Are you spending the night in Albakirky or hitting the airport immediately? Buon viaggio, sweet Adrienne.

  3. Knocked out by Krista Harris. Already a fool for Sammy. Thank you! CC

  4. on Krista’s website is a fabulous video on her and how she lays it on the canvas. Her work is beautiful. Watch it. By the way, Carey….I think her video is where my dopey deer canvas came from. I’d put her video on my FB page, but not here. Worth the time/effort. She’s fabulous.

  5. lovely pix and story Adrienne – what an unexpected pleasure it has been to travel with you (and some of the others) on this long journey! I have a friend Celia Gullett who has been doing some amazing things with wax recently. Can’t find them on the inter webs – but very happy to put you two in touch.

  6. Nolan-Cakes, perhaps a post on all things know about wax? About which I cannot wax lyrical :-0 but really, I must play with it… Does one only use it on hard surfaces like board? I often use liquol as drying medium, but wax is too? And if putting on the surface of oils, how long should they dry before applying. Oooh so many Q’s. Just saw some wonderful stuff at the ‘Kirky Art Museum.

  7. I can only describe the images of Krista’s work as ‘delicious’!!
    Thanks A, and see you soon-ish! BTW a ‘wax’ workshop was already in our planning possibilities for 2014 but nothing confirmed yet.

  8. well, there’s encaustic wax paintings…..hard and messy. Then there is Dorland’s wax with can be a medium or varnish or both. I use Liquin in my oils, too, if I want them loose. BUT, when I want more impasto, I mix the oils with Dorland’s. Dries in about the same time as liquin. Does NOT dilute the color and extends your paints by giving them body, rather than using up all paint for impasto/body. Try it, Adrienne…you’ll love it.

  9. I’m on it Nolan… I shall be brave and order some of the one you use 🙂
    Hey Carey, that’s pretty interesting the 2006 work. Not quite a blue coyote 😀

  10. YES! Do watch the Krista Harris vid. Encouraging that she uses primarily acrylic paints and mediums. Great color saturation w/o plastic-y build up. The Dorland’s or whatever Sammy P uses can be dropped in/built over the acrylics (not vise verse) for a variation on acrylic medium. Well worth a try. I believe that SP uses the wax(?) as an adhesive for the fabric inclusions too. Nolan, Dorland’s should send you a dividend.

    A rich day Ms. A. CC

  11. My, you painters can wax lyrical for hours on end!!!! Jeepers!!! c (XX)

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