Home Sweet Home



Sunset drinks looking over Mt Perry (with the patchwork verandah painting – wish I could decide on a colour!!)

Lovely to be home, a head full of thoughts and images, and an ever-present ginger shadow. Nice to be missed eh. More posts tomorrow afternoon, after a quick trip to Bundy – hope to drop in on the BRAG peeps.

I’m staying with friends overnight, and you’ll be pleased to hear I have the makings of Margaritas in the car.


4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. You have at least three homes away from home here in New Mexico. Come back any time and bring Murray with. XO CC

  2. Great pix and nice to know you are home safe and sound and happy. And that ginger shadow…and Murray…and a coupla drinks and chips…who could want for more? And then, away you go….again! Traveling woman you are!

  3. I’ll hold off on the invite back until I can inspect the property and see if any furniture is left unbroken.

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