My week has been filled with long walks to The Edge…down by the river, where the ‘Biomechanical Pelicans’ live. Long spiky lizards abound there in the scrub, watching your every move…still as statues unless you come too close. Kids call them ‘Frillys’, though there is really nothing frilly about them. They should be called ‘Spikys’. I like lizards. As a child, I used to keep Blue Tongue Lizards. I was a strange child.


The river is full of charming City Hoppers… small ferries that you can hop on and off at various docks along the Brisbane River. The big City Cats (catamarans) glide silent and serene across the glistening water against the big city backdrop and rugged brown cliff faces. I feel the temptation to paint those cliff faces, but immediately dismiss that idea as ridiculous…I am no longer a painter.

River noises are muted by the never ending drone of traffic. It spoils the ambience of this otherwise picturesque scene. There is the constant sound of heavy breathing of the ubiquitous joggers as they pound the riverside pavements in droves, intermixed with the ardent lycra clad streamlined helmeted bike riders, who all appear to be training for the Tour de France. One must be as alert as a lizard on and around the bikeways or one is likely to get skittled!!

Seriously though, the Southbank walk and bikeways are a great asset and allow for interesting outings, and I love Brisbane.

Days at The Edge can swing between great and frustrating. Great when I have learnt something new. Frustrating when I realise how much I don’t know. I will persevere. c x



3 thoughts on “Brisbane

  1. Sounds like such a fine experience. think I’d love that city….but, having said ‘city’ makes this country bumpkin cringe a bit.

  2. So nice to see a glowing report of my home town. Must admit I hear a lot of groans from locals here when they say they have to go to Bris, but I do understand this as they mostly have to go for un-fun reasons – medical or large, dull purchases. That arts precinct is the making of the city for me.

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