086_AW_13Luis Tapa ‘Chima Altar – Ford III’ 1992

Well it’s more than a week since I was standing in the Albuquerque Museum of Art and I’m not entirely sure what happened to that week but it certainly appeared to involve a lot of attention span ‘issues’, and a degree of laying down. With only another 2 weeks until I go away again, I seem to be filling my time with neglected practical tasks.

A mate said ‘this is thinking time’. And it does feel needed. But I am really looking forward to getting stuck into things from Christmas on, as I’ll return on Dec 21.

Today is a trip to the big town and I’ll get to meet up with the BRAG team which will be a highlight.


I saw some great exhibitions at the Museum on my last day in AlbQ, some works on paper including this piece by Reihord V. Whitt-Pritchette, and a permanent exhibition “Common Ground. Art in New Mexico”. I also came across an artist there and in another section, called Kevin Tolman, and really loved his pieces.

089_AW_13This piece of his, ‘Flow/Rapid II’ was part of a show the Museum held called “Miniatures and More”. This is an invited small works show they have held each year for 23 years and was a really interesting idea. Each artist submitted 3 or so works, all for sale, to help fundraise for the gallery, and to show the local/state works. It was a real mixed bag, and a great hanging.



3 thoughts on “Morning!

  1. Sweet, Adrienne. That top one will actually be CHIMAYO ALTAR. Chimayo is a town in nNM with lots of low riders. Sweet place with El Sanctuario being the key tourist attraction. Looks like you took good advantage of being in Albakirky. Have fun on your trips and come January, settle down and get to work. Me, too.

  2. Oh, you made me go back and check, I took a photo of the label… it actually says CHIMA ALTAR… I’ll tweak the post. I did get to Chimayo with Carey and Heather on our drive up to S’Fe. So sweet.
    And yes, wish I’d done that painting too Nolan :-]

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