090_AW_13This is the Sanctuario that Nolan mentions in the last post. It’s still a modern day pilgrimage site with magical healing powers within the dirt on the site.

I hope so as apparently in the good old days people would eat the dirt.


This Sanctuario complex is in a really remote spot when you think of it in terms of the 18th/19th Centuries. So ambitious, so committed.

(PS. if you click on the photos they’ll open large in a new window and you can see the landscape detail)


2 thoughts on “Committed…

  1. Ah, those crystal clear skies and northern NM ‘spotty’ hills … there’s lots of mica in the stones around Chimayo, which makes the hills see to twinkle in the light. Bet the little stream behind those arches was freezing!

  2. What an enchanting place, that building seems to be opening its arms to the visitor

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