Bundaberg’s Centenary Celebrations

Saturday night will be a momentous occasion for me, as I will be presenting Projections of the Past: a selection of historical photographs from the Library archives.

These images will be projected onto the side of the Civic Centre, which coincidentally was the site for the first projection Brad and I did two or three years ago.

I have been having problems again with the video hanging soon after it starts… and I get a black screen. . I think it’s because my Apple, and Adobe Photoshop gear doesn’t want to mix with Windows Movie Maker. However, I seem to have converted the file to a Quicktime movie and things are going along nicely at present.

It would be more sensible for me to stick with one editing program, but each of the three programs I use have their own unique features. I use Windows Movie Maker for very simple videos, Adobe Premiere and Movie Plus6 . Of the three I find MoviePlus 6 the most user-friendly, and it has more features.

Tomorrow I just have to join a few film clips together and I will be ready for the showing.

I am hiring a larger projector for this occasion. 5500lumens will be better than the 3500 lumens of my projector.

I’m happy that Brad is on deck for this presentation. He is very resourceful and will be an asset, should there be any dramas….and of course he is funny, and a good friend.

There is the possibility of rain on Saturday evening, in which case, we will move into the Civic Centre. The show must go on!!! I hope you can be there. cx

Attached is a picture of one of Bundaberg’s beautiful old buildings, that has been converted to a backpackers facility.



2 thoughts on “Bundaberg’s Centenary Celebrations

  1. ah, sounds quite grand, Christine. Wish you the best of luck with NO Murphy’s Law happenings. I know it will be swell! Have fun….be brave.

  2. Friday night and it’s raining again…The park will be very wet after last weeks deluge…it might be indoors for us tomorrow. cx

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