Order + Chaos

Well, this is the ordered bit. Prints are framed and I drive them to Hervey Bay Regional Gallery on Thursday afternoon for the Impressed print show, and will drop in and see the WBHD show for the last time. There are some master printmakers in this show and I can’t wait to see it hung. It’ll be up until February and then throughout the year will appear in Gympie, Maryborough and Bundaberg Regional Galleries.

098_AW_13Santa was unearthed in a recent cupboard clean out and even though we’re sort of bypassing Christmas this year I couldn’t help leave him out to guard the prints.





I’d like to explore this embossing with print idea in 2014, along with the wonderful techniques I learned with Ouida. It’s going to be a year of experiments.




And yes, this is the chaos pic. That moment when the space is completely non functional! Every surface has had ‘stuff’ just plonked on it, to the mutterings of “tidy that when I’m back”. Bags open, bags just left, packaging flung, drawing pads akimbo.


Clean up is underway, when I’m not sitting around admiring my new gumboots which I hope will attract fluffy baby penguins. Do penguins see colour? Note the gathering of prescription, non prescription, herbal, and magic ju-ju remedies for the sea. And I’d like them all to work, as promised, as I have a little sketching kit for on-board too.


3 thoughts on “Order + Chaos

  1. When you go to Hervey Bay on Thursday AW, check out the current show…Fables , Fiends, Saints and Sinners..Clinton and I have works in that show. I took a couple of sculptures down last week. See my post. Have a wonderful boaty adventure. cx

  2. work is framed perfectly…looks great! and the boots? WOW, the penguins must love them ’cause I sure do (though, think in my size 11s, they might be a bit much). Have fun. Still missing you.

  3. The best bit about the gum boots is they were on sale in a big way!

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