Hello CC

Hey CC…how are you? What have you been up to of late? I guess you really enjoyed Adrienne’s visit? She is a great girl! Where will you be going with your art practice this year? And, how do you feel about the final days of the WBHD exhibition?

So many questions! Looking forward to hearing from you. cx


4 thoughts on “Hello CC

  1. Hi Christine,

    My last good, consistent run of painting was post-shipping pre-opening of WBHD. Those were posted here around the same time as Nolan’s remarkable proliferation. I hung up the brushes to dry in October through early November as friends and events expected and unexpected carried us away. I’ve recommenced painting since with mixed results. New work is all over the place. I’m pin-balling between painterly abstraction and “cooler” methodicals. Grasping, with some good results?

    I have a show at the Unsettled next march, then a show with Nolan scheduled for April-May in Truth or Consequences, NM. My goal in 2014-2015 is to show further afield.

    WBHD: I’d been concerned that some of my work was a little contrived working within a themed, “regional” project, but in retrospect have come to quite like most of the work and have received good responses to all of those pieces. I would not have done these paintings w/o WBHD.

    I wish that the MN iteration of WBHD had run fully concurrently with the CHARTS installation. No criticism of Catherine. Next time.

    Through the blog I have gained real practical advice about methods and materials and learned about some artist’s artists that I’ll keep up with.

    More than one I’ve told myself to “shut up and paint,” but I think that some of our more gently contentious exchanges have been informative (and entertaining.)

    I’d like to have heard more from our more reticent bloggers. When they did post I really enjoyed hearing their perspective and glimpsing their process. I’d have liked for more folks aside from the participating artists to chime in.

    I am grateful to have had the opportunity to join in on this experiment and to “meet” you all. Thank you Trudie, Jenny and Catherine and a warning – Catherine is ready to give it another go in 2015. Thanks to Dave and Adrienne for jetting it and serving as our reps. Yes, Adrienne has the gift of fast friendship. 15 minutes and it was most like visiting with one of my sisters after long in-betweens when time folds in. Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks for asking Christine. Best to all, CC

  2. Oh CC, thank you for your good and generous words. And thankyou for your fun and interesting posts throughout this blog. I thought you were going to be the shy and quiet one at first.

    I think it is great that you have an exhibition with Nolan on the horizon. We can all learn so much from her. She is a machine! And CC, if you ever want a show in the ‘beautiful one day – perfect the next’ Queensland, Dirty Linen will be freely available to you.!!

    I think it’s good if you are finding things a little chaotic now. Chaos always seems to be followed by a revelation – as far as art is concerned..

    There is a work of yours that sticks in my mind. You glued a cd to the canvas I think? Do you know the one I mean?

    I have a few wishes too, if we were to do this again, I would like it if we had a good Skype connection, so that we could have a floor talk about our works. I think that would be enlightening.
    I also liked it very much when outsiders ‘chimed in’, as you put it. It was good to know that people valued the blog enough to read it and to make comments.

    I have found it hard at times keeping up with the WBHD blog, my own blog (Christine Turner’s Art Blog),Dirty Linen Facebook page and personal page and regular DL newsletter. and feel that something will have to give. But I will think about that later. Night!! cx

  3. Thank you so much for the offer to show at “Dirty Linen!” Don’t know it that can ever happen logistically, but gets one to thinking . . . Just your saying lifts the spirits and turns the wheels. Fantastic.

    I am looking forward to showing in TorC, especially with Nolan. She has cautioned against hoping for sales, but It is a great space with room for showing lots of our work. An overnight in TorC taking the waters is always a welcome diversion for us not too far from home base.

    I can’t recall the piece that sticks. I often paint/collage circles, but have never affixed a CD.

    Hmmmm. CC

  4. aw, you two….this is a good read all ’round. And thank you both for the nice mention of me/my work. But, gosh, you make me feel pretty old, Christine. Really, I’m not quite an art ‘elder’ full of wisdom. I’m still learning and flaying around like most. But it is all fun, isn’t it?

    And the WB/HD experience? I have loved it. Have been inspired, which is the BEST thing. Thanks to all of you artists and worker bees out there for the show and experience.

    Happy work. I’ll be glad to begin again in the studio MAYBE next week after Hillsboro’s big Christmas fund raising festivities are over. Of course, then the holiday season really gets into gear. Sigh. January for SURE will find me painting. I have ideas….

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