The scale ….

Just sitting in Bris Airport with a sense of déjà vu as we wait for our flight to New Zealand. No interwebness for 3 weeks, so I wanted to post some pics I took while delivering prints to Hervey Bay Regional Gallery on Thursday.

Chris had already posted these two pieces that are hanging in the gallery, but I was blown away when I saw them as I just hadn’t got the sense of scale from those photos. These pieces are beautiful and quite large when seen with the caption plate as scale.

There was also 2 assemblage pieces by Bundaberg artist Clinton Cross which were stunning.



And the works are so beautifully lit, Chris, hope you get there for the opening on Friday night.


And on the back road home I saw the most stunning sunset which I had no hope of capturing with the phone, but the gum tree silhouettes are a nice farewell. Hope you all cruise gently into Christmas.



2 thoughts on “The scale ….

  1. Oh, thankyou for the lovely photos Adrienne. I couldn’t get to the opening, but I met Nicole, the Director, when I delivered the pieces to the Gallery.

    Have an amazing trip.

    We will miss your blogs, but by the sound of it Peggy will make up for that! loss! Ha!

    Are you going to stay put for a while after that?? Sue and I are going to do some experiments from my new book. You will be welcome to join us when you get home! cx

  2. I think the opening is this coming Friday, 6th, in conjunction with the print opening. Should be big 🙂

    I will be staying put once I’m home Chris, and would love to come and join you and Susan in the New Year. I have a tonne of images in my head and only solid time at work will get them down onto something.

    In Dunedin buying over pants, set sail tomorrow.

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