In Las Cruces yesterday. First a fabulous/brilliant film; THE BOOK THIEF. CanNOT go wrong with Geoffrey Rush and Emily Watson. Wow!
Then to Peg and Joel’s to deliver one of Winkler’s sculptures. O boy.
Then to Dave’s for a walk through of his great art collection, including works from Susan, Adrienne and Jenny….great stuff. AND I got a gift of one of his beautiful photographs that I ooooooooooed and aaaaaaaahhhed over as we were walking out the door. That’s the first pix you see. Also in it is a 3.00 mask Winkler bought at the GoodWill. Dave’s pieces isn’t hung yet and has to shoot the pix from afar so flash wouldn’t obscure it….train cars…you can get the gist. Wow.

Next, we went to another artist pal’s opening at the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum. He’s a pencil artist (best I’ve ever seen wield a pencil) and cowboys is his theme. I WON a drawing there for one of his prints. Wow again!

Then we came home with smiles on our faces while listening to and singing along to Neil Young’s CD: UNPLUGGED. ahhhhhhhh, what a day.


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