Closing the circle of WBHD before travel

I’m scrambling to catch up from all my westward travels before I climb in the car to head eastward for a few more vagabond months.  It has been a challenge to get everything in order after Adrienne’s visit.  About a $1000 of repairs on the car after she thrashed it (Ok, so maybe I needed new tires anyway), and just look at the house!  I thought she was kidding about the skip/dumpster and the wild parties!



(OK, so this is really Catherine’s home down the block under massive renovations.  Adrienne is still welcome back.)  🙂

The final leg of the journey home for me was the only major problem in my travels.  It was only a one hour flight away from Phoenix to El Paso, but they broke two planes before giving up and putting me on the one that arrived at 2 AM the next day, after 12 hour delays.  Lucky I’ve got good friends to get out of bed to pick me up at airport.  Me and the badly damaged bag with all the artwork I brought home.  Somehow everything was intact inside, including Jenny’s fantastic ceramic banksia lantern.  A day later, an airline travel cold appeared to make life miserable and I’m only just recovering.  Too bad it was a bummer ending on a fantastic four month journey, but that won’t put too much of a dent in all the great parts that preceded.  Already planning my 2015 redux.

In last few days I was able to see Nolan and Winkler (see her post), Carey and wife Heather, Catherine, and just had lunch today at Peg and Joel’s home, showing off my latest additions to the collection (recognize your rolled up painting on the chair, Sue?).  They just acquired a large steer head sculpt from Nolan themselves, so I’m not the only one unable to stave off temptation for WBHD artwork.  It is already up on their wall, complete with a holiday hat decorative touch for the season.  I’m not going to be able to put any of my additions up until I get back from my next leg of the journey in the spring.  That will give me time to stall on deciding how to squeeze things in and what old art goes into closets and under beds.


2 thoughts on “Closing the circle of WBHD before travel

  1. Thanks for the pix, Dave. Ha, WINKLER’s sculpture, James Albert Morgan…named after his grandfather who drove stage for Wells Fargo. Peg and Joel were so kind to purchase it. You artists know how that feels, eh? He’s now at work on another full bodied longhorn…trying to have it finished by Christmas for the buyers but don’t think he’ll make it. They don’t expect it by then, but it would be swell.
    Love seeing Catherine/Donald’s ‘new’ home….meant to ask you where it was…but it was dark anyway by the time we left your abode. Dave’s house has amazing an faux floor painted by the old owner. And his art collection is as extensive as our own. Bravo, Mr. Sorensen! And thanks again for our RR photo.

  2. When we stopped by Dave’s the other night and saw his magnificent art collection, we also saw a small Nolan monotype he framed up to make it look its absolute best. Hanging in one of the most important rooms, the bathroom. Looks fabulous if I must say so. Dave, we also have wonderful art all over our bathroom walls. =]

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