Check out the new piece we were lucky enough to WIN the chance to purchase at our annual $49.99 Show at our Christmas in the Foothills affair. O boy, we are so pleased. Having a small luncheon mañana and cannot wait to see if anyone notices. =]


5 thoughts on “Rattles

  1. Doesn’t it? Jim, the guy who made it used to paint fish for a taxidermist! He’s GOOD.

  2. Did anyone notice the Rattlesnake? Explosive reflexive muscle contractions and involuntary evacuations are indicative.

    I painted a few snakes and fish in my early museum preparator days. I was paid scale. ( Truly sorry Nolan, puns congenital on Mom’s side. Trying to be less trying) Nowadays I’m an Administrator by which provokes me “art” painting, please.

  3. ‘voluntary evacuations’??????????? ‘explosive’????????? and he’s on my shelf????????
    Actually loved this ‘scale’ pun, Mr. Crane. =]

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