Goodness, it rather quiet without that Adrienne isn’t it!!! cx


3 thoughts on “Adrienne

  1. So it is . . . and earstwhile blogmates silent. Dave is recovering between yet more travels. Nolan is keeping up, but I gather is on an art hiatus until she can get some pressing ideas down in the New Year post holiday corridor. I’m wrapped up in changes at LC Museums. I have some new Art-work without much of a thread between them. I’ve not posted them on my languishing site either. Looking forward to showing at Unsettled in March and sharing gallery space with Nolan in T or C, NM ~ April/May. Transitions abound.

  2. Love ‘transitions’….titled my last solo show that as I exhibited 3 series that ran into one another. Different, but a thread there to find.
    Carey….your BRUSH and your COLORs are your permanent thread. And your sometimes/often additions to paint. No matter if the theme changes, your work is always YOUR work and it shows. No worries on that front. Yep….I’m looking forward to our ‘solo’ shows, too. haha
    Christine….seems it’s the 3 of us until Adrienne gets back with pix or studio work. We can do it!

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