Have boots, will travel.


Ah, the magic powers of hotel wifi. You 3 mice are funny, but not as funny as theses 14000 pairs!! of King Penguins on this beach on Macquarie Island (worth googling to see where it is). The scientists and rangers there greeted our eager penguin hugging selves as they’d been on the island 9 months already with another 4 to go until sailing back to Australia.

(Google ‘sub-Antarctic mega herbs’ too. Amazing plants.)

No art to report but these guys n gals must feature some time in 2014, already sketching them and wondering where it will go.

Back in dry land yesterday after 1932 nautical miles in a little 74m Russian ship run by a New Zealand company. 46 passengers, 8 staff and 22 Russian crew to run the ship. The goddesses of the sea and weather were quite kind to us on our journey in one for the roughest oceans in the world. We faired well with the help of modern medicine – some folks didn’t emerge fully from their bunks until days 4 or 5. And at times when the seas came up the captain would announce that our bunks were the safest place to be.

This point was made apparent when on day 2 a lady fell down stairs and broke her pelvis and femur and the ship turned around and sailed back a day to a safe harbour to wait for the rescue helicopter! We all gripped those handrails a little tighter the next few days.

About to go to the wee museum here in Invercargill and home in a week where apparently something called Christmas is in full swing?

I’ve had my Christmas đŸ™‚


Royal Penguins wander close to us for a look see.


A rare sighting of the Nearest, he and an elephant seal pup have a good lie down.

5 thoughts on “Have boots, will travel.

  1. How fantastic Adrienne – what a super adventure! Thanks for sharing x

  2. So THAT’s where you’ve been. Quite an adventure, I’d say. Luckily those boots didn’t frighten the animals away and kept you safe and sound on the high seas. Whew. xxxxx

  3. Fantastic! Surely the penguins assembled to critique your use of purple in utilitarian wear. CC

  4. what an adventure!
    good to see Nearest having a nice lie down xx

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