Constitutional Monarchy

Australia is a constitutional monarchy. Our figurehead is the British Queen, Elizabeth 2. Many of our countrymen and women would like to see Australia become a Republic. Others enjoy the ‘pomp and ceremony’and history that we share with the ‘Motherland’, as people once called Britain. This, my most recent work, is titled ‘Flora’s Crown’.

Flora's Crown 3 sm


4 thoughts on “Constitutional Monarchy

  1. Christine….as I said: LOVELY. And to add…I agree with those who would wish to become a Republic. Having said that, I still refer to Ireland as ‘my’ motherland. =]

  2. I don’t know why we could’t access the previous image. Blocked?

    I do like the “post card”/old photo, open ground and your lady heading out of the picture frame. New territory in a couple of senses. Nice. CC

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