Wrap Up


Almost posted this guy on Christmas, but didn’t want to “bump” the excellent posts then and since. This little fellow was in Studio Assistant-in-training Carley’s stocking.

With the wrapping paper it seemed to sum up some of our recent exchanges: Circles, fonts/text, Christmas and penguins. So here he is wrapping up 2013 and Wishing you all serendipity and the most excellent of years in 2014!  CC

6 thoughts on “Wrap Up

  1. He he, that’s super sweet. And I like that Carley had a stocking!
    I am still clearing away Christmas detritus, and (barely) coping with the heat. Art soon… I hope…

  2. aw, too bad about the duckie. And happy for Carley (that must be your doggie assistant?). I am going into the studio to do a little tweeking of yesterday’s painting I thought might be finished. Wrong.

    Not any too warm here, ms. Adrienne.

  3. Carley is canine.

    Those “finished” paintings can gnaw at one . . .

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