new stuff….for Unsettled this year…sometime.

If ever I get a schedule for the Las Cruces exhibit…two person show…sometime…and hoping it won’t coincide with my TorC show with Carey….but, if it does, I can handle it. =]

Along with the red one posted a few days ago, I now have 3 more of the ‘paint over old pieces that are no longer relevant’….

All 16″ x16″ oil on canvas. All framed because I didn’t want to remove the backing….so just taped off the frames and went for it.





and, last but not least: TOGETHER WE WILL RISE (and a thanks to Glen Hansard for that title)


So, 4 down and 2 to go at this size. Then, I have a few framed the same 12″x 12″ ones that need newness. =]

Wouldn’t mind hearing a yea or nay on any of these. I’m confident enough about them so no feelings will be mangled if you’re very, very honest. =]


5 thoughts on “new stuff….for Unsettled this year…sometime.

  1. There’s no ‘nay’ from this corner Nolan. I love em. Very much enjoy the strong prescence in a lower corner on each one. mmmm. They are going to be a bloomin nice grouping.

    You’ve inspired me to go back to some of my early WBHD canvasses I put aside… for just this moment… and get some reworking happening on ideas that got hard. A nice warm up. The grounds are so valuable hey.

  2. I too like them all, but I think Your Journey With Mine and Renaissance are my favourites … no, wait … it could be Together We Will Rise (got to give those ‘slow’ ones time to percolate)

  3. Greetings from Florida. Yes, looking at these over a couple of days “Together. . . ” gains. Like the muted/rich pallet with movement and almost delineated form. CC

  4. Yea Nolan .. the longer you look the deeper you fall for them my fav today is fathoms

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