a quiet, 16″x 16″ oil on canvas. Nice way to spend the rest of a Sunday after tennis. Mind you, the weather, though sunny is cold. When we met on the court at 9am it was 25°F in the shade. Slightly warmer in my studio. Luckily I hardly notice once the brushes and paint start doing their work.



One thought on “Renaissance

  1. Heavens, you’re on fire girl! And I feel like some set me on fire, which is quite the opposite to your 25˚F (-3C for us Orstraylians). I know I perform better in cold climes, hence holidays to areas where penguins roam.
    Processing long neglected art photos here, and a cool change is heading our way. It has been labelled a ‘heatwave’ by the Met Bureau which in a perverse way gives me comfort :-]
    But I hope to have some progressions to show by the end of the week.

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