Queen of Sheep 2013 sm

Above: Queen of Sheep 2014 -Mixed media, tray, boomerang ashtray, plastic pineapple and digital elements

2014 !! I don’t believe that it is just because I have had a couple of glasses of Wolf Blass Red Label, Premium Cuvee…(the Chardonnay Pinot Noir variety…a bit too sweet, but still enjoyable!) that I feel a little sentimental about the passing of 2013, which has turned out so well, particularly because of Wide Bay High Desert Exchange Exhibition.

Now is a good time to say thankyou to Jenny Gilbertson, Trudie Leigo, Roana O’Neill, Catherine Smith Brenner, and all those other assistants and volunteers, that have made this such a special event.
Thankyou for the support you have given we regional artists on opposite sides of the world. I am sure that the other artists feel as I do, that it has been a privilege to be part of this exhibition.

The blog has been a treasure trove of interesting conversations and artworks. We have been very active artistically, and in many cases, it appears that we feel a reinvigoration and recommitment to our work. Our enthusiasm has seeped into Facebook and Blogger and other avenues of social media.

For me personally, I have produced a body of works, (ongoing), that has become particularly important to me at this point in time, and relevant to my past and future art practice. I have found new ways to express myself, and have even engaged with the landscape!…to some degree.

I have had some significant interest in the series, and if all goes well, the works might be shown to new audiences before too long.

Thankyou, our Las Cruces friends for the hospitality you showed to our lovely Adrienne. Susan and I are really pleased that she will be able to join us for Sundays in the Dirty Linen Artspace for some print experimentation.

Wishing you all the very best for 2014. cx

Big Pineapple Bride 2 sm

Above: Big Pineapple Bride 2014







6 thoughts on “2014!!

  1. Perfectly worded Chris, thank you. To have some on-flow of collaborations is such a wonderful thing, Nolan and Carey exhibiting up in ToC, our wee print group. It has all had more impact than I could have hoped for :-]

  2. Jenny Gilbertson will be joining our print group too!! cx

  3. ah, Christine….lovely post and beautiful work, as always. I agree wholeheartedly that this experience has been simply swell! You all seem to be terrific people as well as terrific artists. I look forward to continuing to show and share and see what’s up with all. May our new year be even better than the last, which was wonderful! xxxxx to all.

  4. Oh thanks Christine for your lovely words which express our WBHD journey so very well !!

  5. Looking forward to it – why, I’ve even cleared out the studio in anticipation of some immanent creative activity!

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