12˚ of separation


What a difference a day makes, a beautiful sea breeze trounced the 5 day heatwave and Wednesday was 12˚ cooler than Tuesday (dropping from 111˚ to 89.6˚) and I spent 6 hours painting and didn’t notice the time. Such a good feeling. At the very same time North America was having a little chat with some Polar influences and setting it’s own records.

106_AW_backAfter the required caffeine intake I dug out a piece from last year which had stumped me, enough drying time had elapsed and so I’ve started painting out what I don’t like. Not sure where it’ll go for now, but hope to keep some of the zinger blue there and still talk about the zone colour story (even if I’m only talking to myself).

107_AWNice to be working again, and the Assistant is flat out too. The plan is to keep putting paint down on bottle trees and start some sketching about my recent trips. I think the black gesso will come in handy for penguins.
Back to work today, good morning 2014.

3 thoughts on “12˚ of separation

  1. a definite improvement in the change of amount of blue. Isn’t it fun to do things like that? So glad it’s cooled a bit for you. Doggie looks lovely and happy to have you home. Shot from the outside of your home or studio is a beaut. This comes from nowhere, New Mexico where everything is light ochre, grey and shades of brown. Beautiful, but will be nice to see a bit of green again.

  2. so much more happening, individual trees and better perspective with the painting out…reckon it might be a keeper..happy 2014 Adrienne…

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